"It is said that Charizard's fire burns hotter if it has experienced harsh battles."

Non Shiny Sprite Front Charizard Not Shiny Shiny Sprite Front Shiny Charizard


Type- Fire, Flying

Abilities- Blaze

Gender- Male or Female

Weaknesses- Rock(Deals 4x damage), Electric, Water


HP- 3 out of 6

Attack- 4 out of 6

Defense- 3 out of 6

Special Attack- 5 out of 6

Special Defense- 3 out of 6

Speed- 4 out of 6


CharmanderCharmander Not Shiny>Lv 16> CharmeleonCharmeleon Not Shiny>Lv 36> Charizard Charizard Not Shiny


Final evolution of Charmander.

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