"After a rainy day, the flower on its back smells stronger. The scent attracts other Pokemon."

Normal Sprite Front ViewVenusaur Front Shiny Sprite Front View Shiny Venusaur


Type- Grass, Poison

Abilities- Overgrow

Gender- Male or Female

Weaknesses- Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic


HP- 3 out of 6

Attack- 3 out of 6

Defense- 3 out of 6

Special Attack- 4 out of 6

Special Defense- 4 out of 6

Speed- 4 out of 6


BulbasaurBulbasaur Front >LVL16> IvysaurIvysaur Front >LVL32> VenusaurVenusaur Front

Notes : Edit

Final evolution of Bulbasaur.

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